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I’m a 30-year old native of Seattle, Washington.  By living, studying and working in different cities I’ve come to appreciate the complexities of Black culture throughout the world.   My life and research has always been grounded in cultural anthropology, African American Studies, and African history.  I identify as Black American and African American.

I created Black on Both Sides for people of African descent to consume and discuss our evolving Black cultures through personal and academic lenses.  Non-Black people are welcome to appreciate.  Enjoy!

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  1. I am a 61 year old college student attending University of Central Florida; my major is interdisciplinary/ with a minor in Women’s studies. I will complete BA degree requirements and transition to graduate school this December 2015 pursuing MSW. I found you through an article in the culture, For Harriet. I loved the content and the creative context drive that encouraged our black entrepreneurs in the midst of facing obstacles and barriers into the toy manufacture industries. Kudos for your in-depth insight and advocacy. I am waiting for an approval to my request to follow you via twitter. I love the fashion, I love the language, I love the complexities of our Black culture.


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